Linking Business Central ERP with the DMS from ELO

With the Business Central Connector for ELO

Business Central mit ELO verbinden

The Business Central Connector for ELO is an add-on for the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

With the Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for ELO, this interface is also available for the ERP systems Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as well as for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

The Challenge

Companies have to invest considerable time and manual work to store documents properly and in an audit-proof manner. This is true whether it's filling filing cabinets in the back office or in a paper archive in the basement.  

Even if a company already has a digital archive, the challenge of effectively managing the large flow of incoming and outgoing documents remains. This requires a lot of manual time. 


Many of the daily documents are generated directly in the in-house ERP system. Significant time savings would be possible if this system were able to automatically transfer all created documents to a digital archive, categorize them appropriately and store them. This is exactly where the Business Central Connector for ELO comes in: It enables precisely this automation by working seamlessly with the ERP system to ensure efficient document management.

The Solution

For users who use the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the document management system from ELO, we now offer a tailor-made solution: the Business Central Connector for ELO.

By using the Business Central Connector for ELO, you can seamlessly integrate the functions of the ELO DMS into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, making workflows considerably more efficient.


This connector also enables documents to be archived and retrieved directly within Business Central. Indexing and assignment to the corresponding objects - be it an order or invoice from the respective supplier or a quotation from the customer - are carried out fully automatically and without errors directly from the ERP system.

Immediately ready to go, quickly implemented, right in line with Business Central

The Business Central Connector for ELO can be set up quickly and easily - self-installation is easy with the right instructions. This allows you to link ERP and DMS in just a few steps and effectively automate your document management. The range of functions offered by both the Connector and the ELO DMS are so extensive that they have the potential to promote the growth of your company for many years to come. This means that both products are fully in line with the Business Central philosophy, which can also be lean to start with and a loyal companion for many years to come thanks to its wide range of functions. 


You have legal security

through audit-proof and legally compliant archiving of your documents.

You save time and money

by automating invoice imports and other daily processes.

You already have everything

because you do not need a printer crossover, third-party or interface software.

You profit immediately

because your solution is quickly implemented and easy to adapt.

You avoid errors

through the automation of storage, archiving and indexing.

You can work from everywhere

while travelling or in your home office by using a comprehensive cloud solution.

Highlights: The Business Central Connector for ELO offers:

  • Archiving of outgoing documents: Documents created in Business Central are structured fully automatically with all relevant indexes and stored in ELO. Outgoing documents such as invoices, delivery bills and order confirmations then appear on the order and customer, product data sheets in the article master and on the order item.
  • Fully integrated display: Incoming and outgoing documents are displayed directly in the Business Central client, even if they were not created there.
  • Very intuitive: The Business Central Connector for ELO can be implemented and set up quickly and easily in just a few steps - even on your own.


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1. In which languages is the Business Central Connector for ELO available? 

Our solutions and add-ons are continuously maintained and developed. The Business Central Connector for ELO is currently available in German and English. If you require a different language, please contact us directly.

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2. For which Dynamics solutions is the Business Central Connector for ELO available?

The Business Central Connector for ELO is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With the Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for ELO, we also offer this interface for the following Dynamics products: 

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

You can find out more about the Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for ELO here on our website: To the Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for ELO

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3. Why should you link your Business Centralwith the ELO DMS?

No long searches, all data is stored centrally in one place, the archive is audit-proof, legally compliant and space-saving, every employee knows where the documents are and can also access them from the home office: These are the advantages that a DMS solution like ELO offers you.

Added to this are the advantages of linking: filing, archiving and indexing (keywording) are automated - and therefore error-free. Automation leads to significant savings in time, effort and money and results in uniform indexing.

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4. Do employees have to work parallel with the ERP system and ELO DMS?

No. You can access all documents directly via your Business Central client. You can browse through the archive in the ERP without opening your ELO DMS. 

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5. Is it possible to view documents via the ERP client that were not created in the ERP?

Yes. All documents can be displayed directly in the Dynamics ERP client. This includes external documents such as operating instructions for products, quality certificates or even design drawings.

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6. Which outgoing documents are archived and indexed fully automatically in ELO?

The following document types are already included in the standard Business Central Connector for ELO:

  • Offer
  • Order confirmation
  • Order invoice
  • Order credit note
  • Delivery note
  • Order
  • Free text invoice and credit note

Further document types may be added at any time.

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7. I already have a Dynamics partner. Do I now have to commission an additional Dynamics partner with Inway?

No. You are welcome to inform your current Microsoft Dynamics partner that you have found a good solution and they can get in touch with us.

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