Microsoft Dynamics AX - Our product

Greater corporate success with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ERP solution from Microsoft for medium and large scale enterprises that allows their employees to help shape the changes in their commercial environment and subsequently promote business success. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a high end business solution that is innovative, scalable and which is suitable for complex, international projects and companies with multiple locations.

Enable sustainable useage quickly with a powerful solution

Generate genuine benefits in minimal time. With powerful solutions for sector specific and horizontal business processes, your global organisations will be continuously supported. 

  • Meet your business demands with an incredibly large range of functions. Dynamics AX 2012 has many default functions for which other systems need add-ons solutions. Utilities ranging from financial accounting to production, project management and service management are available with the basic licence. These include production-related features such as site-specific bills of materials, product configuration, sales planning, intercompany planning and integrated lean manufacturing to name a few.
  • Requirements for enterprises that are active in multiple business divisions are covered by predefined features for five different sectors in one central solution - Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • The scalability of your organisation is easy with a central and if necessary international solution. Fulfil the requirements of almost 40 state legislations and harmonise the business processes of your individual sites and units to your standards. A central databank allows company wide use of all data.
  • One of the most noteworthy functions in Microsoft Dynamics AX is the intercompany features. Your cross-divisional and company-wide business transactions are already an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics AX. A single databank ensures to a company-wide and global database. This is especially useful for products and there inventory levels as well as customer and supplier master data. Microsoft Dynamics AX also has a completely integrated consolidation function that can be used on and offline.
  • Provide instant transparency with an intuitive, roll based UI as well as self service functions for business intelligence and reporting.
  • You and your employees can profit from the high degree of flexibility in the system. On one hand Microsoft Dynamics AX has flexible solution architecture and on the other hand can create individual customised user interfaces quickly, easily and without any programming requirements.
  • Make the management of IT infrastructure easy and low-cost with the central deployment of localisations provided by Microsoft in one instance.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX enables easy incorporation with a user interface that is already familiar to your users.


Maximise your business potential with an agile and flexible system.

  • Increase business success with a solution that is tailored to your very needs and can keep up with your enterprise in the case of rapid growth.
  • Display process and organisational structures with so called Unified Natural Models to visualise, measure and possibly modify business activity. These models mirror your company, its structure, processes and guidelines in one simple way. 
  • The exchange of information between seamlessly integrated collaboration and communication tools such as Microsoft LyncTM, Microsoft Sharepoint or the entire Office suite lead to optimal cooperation and networking along the supply chain.
  • Support new business models with new sector specific functions, whenever your market is changing.
  • Simplify the maintenance and future upgrades through advanced model based solution architectures.



Create a unified foundation for your company that incorporates a solution whose long-term commitment to research, development and innovation is underpinned by one of the world largest technology providers.