Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for EDI


Inway's EDI Connector exchange data directly between Dynamics AX / 365 and your business partner's computer systems

The Challenge

Many paper-based business transactions across several agents/media take up to several days. Therefore, electronic data interchange is already established in many industries. Winning a large customer often means participating in predefined exchange procedures.

Thus, electronic data interchange provides highly efficient communication for companies with many business partners.

The solution

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) replaces paper documents such as quotations, invoices, shipping notifications, etc., with electronic documents. These are transmitted worldwide in a standard format between business partners so sender and recipient can read the document. The advantage of EDI is that it is an exchange directly between ERP-Systems.
Business transactions can be accelerated.

The deployment of the Inway EDI Connector finally allows us to fulfil the electronic data exchange requirements of different customers, including large retail chains. The integration of our business processes with those of our customers and the automation of the OrderToCash process represents a significant improvement in our order process. Fewer errors due to manual entries occur and the process runtime was significantly reduced.

Schoeller GmbH & Co. KG | Patrick Lais, Head of IT

Additional references

Relaxed working with the EDI Connector from Inway. With just a few mouse clicks the data is automatically posted to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX.

Functionality using the example of a sales order

Your benefits

  • Faster transactions – instead of several days of processing, exchange documents within minutes
  • Improved data quality by avoiding multiple entries
  • Improved business relationships through faster and more flexible response times
  • Reduced costs due to less paperwork
  • Penetrating new markets with rapid onboarding of trading partners worldwide
  • Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365
  • Many message types already included in the default system
  • Easily extendable with new message types
  • Simple and fast integration of new trading partners


What does the Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for EDI Cost?
On-premise, as an annual subscription or as a monthly subscription: This is what the Dynamics 365/AX Connector for EDI costs
18.100 €
On-premise - one-time costs
  • For the On-premise version of the Dynamics 365/AX Connector for EDI there is a one-time license cost of 18.100.00 €.
  • The annual maintenance is 16% of the list price. 
651 € mth.
Cloud - annual subscription
  • For the cloud version of the Dynamics 365 Connector for EDI, you sign up for a subscription with a cost of 651,00 € per month.
  • The subscription can be cancelled annually.
781,20 € mth.
Cloud - monthly subscription
  • For the cloud version of the Dynamics 365 Connector for EDI, you sign up for a subscription with a cost of 781,20 € per month.
  • The subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

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Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for EDI is a Microsoft Preferred Solution

Our Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for EDI is also available in the Microsoft AppSource. The add-on has been awarded as Microsoft Preferred Solution by Microsoft experts.


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How to install the EDI Connector

Quickly implemented: Here you can see how quickly the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for EDI can be installed.

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Setting up the connector is effortless

In short: This is how easy it is to set up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for EDI quickly and effectively with our video tutorial.

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The EDI Connector in daily use

Faster to the goal: In this video we show you how to master your daily tasks with the Dynamics 365 / AX Connector for EDI.

1. How is data transmitted?

The EDI Connector supports multiple methods of transmitting data. It covers a broad range from trusted (FTP and SFTP servers) to modern (REST ODATA) web services. We are happy to support you in finding the method that is just right for you. 

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2. How is the security of the transmitted data ensured?

The EDI Connector only supports transmission methods that allow the best protection of your data. For transmission methods based on Azure Cloud, Microsoft offers many options to cover any security requirements you might have for your data or those of your business partners. You find additional information at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/security/.

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3. What data can be transmitted?

The EDI Connector supports several message types, for example, sales and purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices. Additional message types may be added easily thanks to the flexible development framework. 

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4. How can I handle errors?

Each process of the EDI Connector has a log you can use to trace and fix errors. The log covers all steps between import/export of data and the respective posting in your ledgers. For inbound data, there are also monitoring forms available that enable you to check and correct data before it is processed. 

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5. How fast can I connect business partners?

While connection times vary greatly between companies, the initial installation and connection of your first business partners are doable within a few months according to our experience. Connection of additional business partners in an already running system may take as little as a few days. 

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6. I already have a Dynamics partner. Do I now need to engage an additional Dynamics partner with Inway?

No. You are welcome to inform your current Microsoft Dynamics partner that you have found a good solution and they are free to contact us.

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7. In which languages is the Dynamics Connector for EDI available?

Our Dynamics Connector for EDI is currently available in German and English. However, our solutions and add-ons are continuously developed and maintained, so do not hesitate and contact us directly if you wish to have another language.

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