Dynamics AX and TecTrade for Technical Wholesale and Complex Industrial business-to-business Trade

The Challenge

Focus on the clients as well as a distinct service orientation is the day-to-day business of technical trading. In the technical wholesale industry, a strictly managed product line with an appropriate level of purchase and logistic automation and outstanding technical qualifications are the keys to success.

The technically oriented mail order business is also prosperous. High growth figures attract countless new providers to the market. New business concepts are developed on a daily basis. It is particularly important to keep up with competitors in such an environment. The consequence of not doing so is the threat of losing market share. Not only is ability to react quickly to change a crucial factor but also a perfect level of customer services and efficiency are need to survive.

The Goal

  • The optimal flow of goods and use of saving potential whilst simultaneously increasing service quality.
  • Quick information procurement and the transparency of key figures.
  • High response capacity and flexibility in relation to the requirements of the market.


Our Solution

TecTrade is developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX and is completely integrated in its core functionality. Microsoft Dynamics AX is highly customisable, preserves releaseability and is highly scalable because of its modern 3 tier architecture. Thanks to the look and feel similar to Microsoft office, users quickly become familiar to the software. Its open architecture with many standard interfaces allows for easy integration with current system landscapes. TecTrade extends Microsoft Dynamics AX with smart functions that support and simplify the daily work in the trade industry.


Your Advantages


  • Central management of customers, articles and prices.
  • Supplier evaluation: Monitor and evaluate suppliers in departments like quality, logistics and purchasing.
  • Create clear representations of the payment behaviour of your clients at a glance.
  • Categorise customers with diverse evaluation criteria such as revenue, profit and payment behaviour.
  • Significantly reduce the manual effort needed to release articles ready for delivery with automatic delivery and backlog handling.
  • All relevant information needed for order processing portrayed in a clear and concise way.
  • The delivery schedule functionality allows the user to create budget figures and corresponding order schedules for suppliers and articles.
  • Next to the simple management of predetermined tours, powerful Google Maps tools can be used for advanced tour planning.
  • Comprehensible price changes with the help of control and traceability options.
  • Article and catalogue import and export. With these functionalities, it is possible to import or export master data in different formats.



Our Clients

Microsoft Dynamics AX in conjunction with TecTrade is the ideal ERP product for your technical wholesale or complex industrial business-to-business trade company. We aim for the following target sectors in particular:

  • Wholesale of technical components
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Complex industrial business-to-business trade companies
  • Technically oriented mail order businesses