Dynamics AX for Service Providers and Enterprises in the IT Sector

The Challenge

Next to the requirements of marketing, order processing and accounting, services providers must focus on specific topics. Project management, resource planning, staff management and especially service management/ maintenance play import roles in success. The declared goal: to apply resources economically and complete projects optimally.

Our Solution

The sector specific functionalities that are included in the Microsoft Dynamics AX standard are fine-tuned for services providers to allow you to optimise services, processes and productivity in your enterprise.

With Dynamics AX and our extensive consultant experience we happily support you and optimise these functionalities to your needs. Not only do we have clients in the IT and services sectors but use Microsoft Dynamics AX at Inway ourselves in a highly efficient way. Exploit the opportunities of a premium ERP system that is tailored to the needs of your service enterprise.

Your Advantages

  • Administrate the recruitment process with HR marketing, development plans and applicant correspondence.
  • Simplify the management of employee information like addresses and contact details, CVs and certifications.
  • Utilise project management functions to create, control and complete well organised projects. This includes internal, invoice-based or fixed price projects.
  • Create your own hierarchal project structure plans that can be expanded through individual workflows and roll based access to information and tasks. Supplement specific information including dates, cost and revenue estimates and employee competences.
  • Allocate appropriate travel expenditures to the travel expense reports of certain projects.
  • Optimise your services processes with services level agreements, maintenance contracts, service contracts and repair management.
  • Manage licences and associated service contracts.